„Helping people gives us a lot of joy. We can grow with this work and it is enriching our sense for humanity“

Philippe Renaud, President & Founder of the "Fondation Eve la Vie", Geneva

General view on two national foundation markets in Central Europe:

  • Switzerland: some 13‘000 foundations with an asset value approx. CHF 75 billion
  • Germany: some 20‘000 foundations with an asset value approx CHF 90 billion
  • There is an urgent need of higher professionalism in the foundation sector and its management
  • Foundations are a quickly growing market
  • More and better education in copong with foundation are needed


The Swiss Foundation Raport reveals the following challenges:

  • The NPO sector shows an on-going growth especially for foundations
  • Increase of attraction by more legal transformations of associations into foudations
  • More professionalism within the foundation bussiness
  • Higher professionalism in Asset management and building of fluctuation reserves
  • Umbrella foundations and cooperation will increase in importance
  • Structural reforms are challenging the function of the supervisiory authorities
  • Volatile markets damand modern risk assessment
  • Implementation of new governance structures are a challenge


Summary of the "Foiundation1796"-Study: Promoting Philanthropy in Switzerland:

  • Increase coordination/collaboration/consolidation among funders and foundations, priority 62 %
  • Increase available information and knowledge/practice on foundation management, priority 55 %
  • There are many small foundations (assets < CHF 2 mi.) without professional staff
  • Only 16 % of the Swiss foundations analyze regularly their project portfolios


By „Educating Leaders for Change“ the Swiss Philanthropy Academy meets these needs.

Our philosophy:

We use the best-in-class approach by the meditation of learning content enhanced by topical or accurate external lectures and contributors. The lectures have a high level of quality. They are based on theoretical parts combined with practical know-how within the fields of foundations, NGO, NPO, economy and politics.


How can a foundation become more professional?

Q-2, 2017 & Q-4 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

Q-3 2017

“We have to give a comfortable society to our next Generation”

Aeron Yoon, Student of Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea